Self Drive Car Rental in Amritsar

Amritsar is a city where religion has no boundaries.A city that stays lit all year round!The largest city in Punjab, also known for being the site of the holiest shrine of Sikhism.In addition to being the most revered and beautiful site in the city, the Golden Temple is also the most popular among tourists and worshippers alike.

You should always spend some time exploring the sprawling complex, but you cannot stop there.Amritsar is more than sacred places.In addition to street food and museums, this holy city has a bustling bazaar and market, as well as many forts and fortifications.Renting a self-drive car allows you to travel through Amritsar's roads and see its surrounding areas.

Best Self Drive Cars in Amritsar

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Where are the best places to visit in Amritsar?

At the Golden Temple langar, where thousands of people irrespective of their caste and religion are fed with fresh foods, Amritsar's legendary hospitality is on full display.A city where history is alive but does not live in the past at the same time.

Compared to other places in India, Punjab has a rich and flavorful cuisine, which is why it is so close to Punjab.Street food such as paranthas, lassi, and kulcha are available at very low prices.

Self drive car rental Amritsar Airport services make it easier to commute from one place to another.You can end the evening with a short drive in the city or witness the closing of the border and head to SaddaPind featuring fun activities.

Why You Choose Happy Easy Rides?

In Amritsar-Punjab, Happy Easy Rides is one of the leading tour and taxi companies.Our fleet consists of a number of well-maintained Premium, Economy, and Executive vehicles.We offer Luxury car rentals Amritsar, tours and travels Amritsar, car hire Amritsar, heritage tours in Punjab and India, airport transfers to Amritsar International Airport, hotels in Amritsar, and North India tours around Amritsar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Why Is Amritsar Famous?
This city has many beautiful places that can captivate your eye, including the Sikh community of India and the Golden Temple.Amritsar is the perfect combination of food, tradition, history, and culture for tourists.

Q.2 When Is The Best Time To Visit Amritsar?
During the months of November to March, Amritsar's weather is comfortable and ideal for sightseeing and visiting the Golden Temple.

Q.3 In Amritsar, how much does it cost to rent a self-drive car for a week?
Our rates are dynamic and change every month.Renting a car in Amritsar is priced differently during the weekdays and weekends, too.

Q.4 Can I get the self-driven cars delivered anywhere in Amritsar?
Happy Easy Rides offers a range of self-drive cars for rent in Amritsar that can either be picked up from one of our predefined locations near you or delivered to your doorstep, office or airport upon arrival.